Criminal Defense & Victim Representation

Being charged with a crime, whether major or minor, is a serious matter the outcome of which can have lifelong consequences. On the other hand, as a victim of crime, the criminal justice system can seem overwhelming and confusing.

Criminal Defendant

A person facing criminal charges risks severe penalties and consequences, such as jail time, having a criminal record, and loss of relationships and future job prospects, among other things.

Criminal Victim

A victim is defined as a person who has suffered physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss as a result of a crime.

Criminal Defense & Victim Representation Closer Look

A good criminal defense lawyer may help (1) reduce your criminal charge to a lesser offense (for example, reduce a felony to a misdemeanor); (2) lessen the severity of the punishment for the crime; (3) reduce or eliminate jail time (via probation, for example); and (4) help you develop a sound defense strategy.

As a victim of crime, having experienced counsel on your side can be very empowering and greatly assist in navigating the complex criminal justice system. From being prepared for interviews with law enforcement to understanding the plea negotiation and trial process, an experienced counselor is extremely valuable.

David Kahn Esq. started his career as a highly successful Assistant State Prosecutor. Let us use our experience to help you or your loved one who has been either charged with or has been the victim of a crime.

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